Why Shop Small?

Bello Boopie Wholesale Division focuses on the success of small business owners.  Through our screening, we identify if our product will be sold at big box retailers or online mega sites that may affect your sales.  

In addition, we protect the integrity of our brand by not saturating any market.  We carefully look at locations where our product will be sold and compare them to a list of existing retailers.  

Can we purchase wholesale on another site?

No.  There is always a commission or cost associated with sites, and we would rather pass the cost of doing business into savings for our retailers.  We also want the flexibility to match our retailers needs.  One business model does not fit another business model.  Through our own initiative in protecting our retailers, we have established our own dedicated wholesale website where we can pass the savings onto our retailers.

I am interested, how do I order?

First step is read our Terms & Conditions and gather any necessary information: The place or places you plan on selling and your resellers/tax certificate.

Second Step is to fill out an inquiry so we can review your information and match it to our existing retailers database.  

Last Step is to wait for an email approving your wholesale account!